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The Premier’s announcements about the cancellation of exams apply to courses being taken through public schools in Nova Scotia.

During these challenging times the CSP team would like to take this opportunity to clarify the role of the EECD’s Correspondence Study Program.

CSP Exams and Course Completion during COVID-19 Pandemic

Assignments, Exams & Marks

How is the mark calculated in Correspondence Study?

In grade 10–12 courses, marks are calculated as follows:

  • Lessons, assignments, investigations and assessments (70%) and final course exam (30%)

  • Note: Students enrolled in correspondence study high school courses are required to write a Nova Scotia examination in addition to the course assessments/examination provided by the marker. The Nova Scotia examination mark is 30% of the final mark.

    When must I complete the course to graduate in June?

    You must plan for your correspondence course to take six to twelve months to complete. Be sure to provide yourself with enough time to complete the course, get all your assignments marked and write the final exam if you want to graduate in June. Please contact the Correspondence Study Program (902-424-4054 or e-mail Correspondence Studies) for further information.

    • For all grade 10 courses with an associated Nova Scotia Examination, students enrolled in Correspondence Study must write the Nova Scotia Examination. Dates for Nova Scotia Examinations are located here:

      Assessment Schedule for Nova Scotia Examinations

    Important Dates and Information for June Potential Graduates

    Exam Rules Procedures

    What does the marker do?

    Markers read and evaluate assignments. They may make comments on assignments, however, they are not teaching you the course. Markers are not required to mark more than three lessons (or one unit) at a time.

  • If you send multiple assignments to your marker at one time, you may not get your assignments back as quickly.

  • What should I do if I do not receive a returned assignment when expected?

    Students should contact the Correspondence Study Program. Markers take vacations, may be ill or for another reason may not always respond as quickly as you'd like them to. There is generally an understandable reason why an assignment was not returned when expected.

    Who supervises the examinations?

    Examinations must be supervised by a teacher, school administrator, or regional or school board (CSAP) educational professional

    Where do I write my examinations?

    Correspondence study course examinations must be written in a public building, e.g. a school, a library. Students may arrange to write the correspondence study course examination at the Correspondence Study Office, 2021 Brunswick Street 2nd floor, Halifax.

    For students in grade 10 subjects, for which there is a Nova Scotia examination, the Correspondence Study Program will designate the time, place, and an individual responsible to invigilate the Nova Scotia examination.

    What is the Correspondence Study Program’s policy if I require assistance with reading or writing during the examination?

    A scribe to assist with writing or a reader to assist a student with text is permitted during an examination provided the scribe and student are under the supervision of a school board educational professional.

    Scribes may not prompt; a scribe may write only the response provided by the student. A reader may read questions; the reader may not interpret questions nor aid the student with a response. The student cannot use a regular tutor to scribe or read during the examination.