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Fees & Costs

How much does it cost to enroll?

Registration fees and costs for textbooks vary from course to course.

There is a separate information sheet for each grade level. It lists the registration fees for each course, the required textbooks and prices, and where the textbooks can be purchased.

  • Students who cannot remain in school due to a circumstance, e.g., illness, distance, or other reason, may request a school board to consider paying the registration fee and may request a school to consider providing a course textbook.
  • If you think you may be eligible for school board assistance with fees or texts you should contact your principal or guidance counselor. If a school board agrees to assist with the costs associated with your enrolment in the Correspondence Study Program, they must complete the section of the application, "Approval of Payment".

    Students meeting the eligibility requirements to study by correspondence may seek assistance from a community service agency, a regional school board, or other office.

    Contact the Coordinator, Correspondence Study, telephone 424-2452, to review these options.

    How do I pay the enrollment fee?

    The course enrolment fee must be paid by online system, personal cheque, money order, Visa or Mastercard.All payments are made to the "Minister of Finance".

    If registering at the Correspondence Study office:
    2021 Brunswick Street, 2nd floor, the registration fee may be paid in cash. Receipts are issued.

    What is the Correspondence Study refund policy In case I change my mind after enrolling?

    There is a no refund policy on all courses and textbooks. You can, however, exchange a course by transferring the registration fee from one course to another providing you exchange the course within three months of registering and before you send any assignments to your marker. The course guide must be in resale condition and you must provide an original receipt. .

    Transferring the registration must occur within three (3) months of the initial course registration. A course transfer must occur before you send any assignments to the course marker. A course transfer will not be made if the student marks in the course manual. Think carefully about registering to study by correspondence.

    Does the Nova Scotia Correspondence Study Program provide the textbooks?

    Yes. The cost for textbooks is provided on the Courses & Materials page.

    Why might my enrolment be delayed?

    The usual reasons that enrolments are not processed immediately upon receipt by the Correspondence Study Program are:

  • Payment was not included with the application.
  • Payment was made with a counter cheque. Counter cheques are not accepted.
  • Payment was post-dated. Post-dated cheques are not accepted.
  • The amount of payment was incorrect.
  • The cheque, money order, or enrolment form did not have the required signature(s).
  • The out-of-province fee was not included with the enrolment and course fee.
  • The course is no longer available.