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Grade 12
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Course Name Course Cost Textbooks & Resources Textbook Costs Purchase
Biology 12 $117.00 Course requires either of the books below, but not both.   Click here for Online Payment

Nelson Biology  

(ISBN 0-17-603870-1)

$ 203.20  
    Living Systems
(ISBN 0-02-800672-0)
Not available from Correspondence Study, but may be found used.
12 Biologie (Public school students only) $203.90 No textbook required.
  Click here for Online Payment
Canadian Families 12 $134.15 No textbook required.   Click here for Online Payment
Chemistry 12 $135.20 Nelson Chemistry – Atlantic Edition  (ISBN0176048065)
You will need a thermometer.
$ 203.20 Click here for Online Payment
English 12 $168.50 Checkmate: A Writing Reference for Canadians
 (ISBN 0-17-610361-9)
$ 68.65 Click here for Online Payment
    Literary Experiences Volume Two
(ISBN 0135381584)
$ 68.80  
    Macbeth (Cambridge School Shakespeare)
 (ISBN 0521426219)
$ 19.60  
    Choose one Canadian and one Global from below and any one other from the eight listed. You must read a total of three.    
    Canadian Authors:
    The Handmaids Tale
(ISBN 0770428207)
$ 11.95  
    No Great Mischief
(ISBN 0771055706)
$ 17.10  
    The Divine Ryans
(ISBN 0676971849)
$ 21.40  
    The Stone Angel
(ISBN 0-7710-9989-4)
$ 10.65  
    Global Authors:    
    Things Fall Apart $ 26.80  
    Lord of the Flies
(ISBN 0577084834)
$ 10.20  
    The Bluest Eye
(ISBN 0452282195)
$ 22.85  
    The Shipping News
 (ISBN 0671510053)
$ 23.60  
English Communications 12 $150.25 Passages 12
(ISBN 0-7715-0958-8)

$ 49.75 Click here for Online Payment
    Checkmate: A Writing Reference for Canadians (Optional)
(ISBN 0-17-610361-9)
$ 68.65  
    Choose two of the following four novels:    
    No Great Mischief
(ISBN 0-7710-5570-6)
$ 17.15  
    Strong Hollow
 (ISBN 0-86492-351-1)
$ 21.45  
    The Last Tasmanian
  (ISBN 0-86492-317-1)
$ 20.40  
    The Glace Bay Miners’ Museum
(ISBN 1895415055)
$ 21.80  
Geology 12 $137.35 Physical Geology and The Environment, 2nd ed Cdn
(ISBN 978-0-07-095633-9)
$ 121.95 Click here for Online Payment
    Rock Kit $ 21.45  
Global Geography 12 $183.50 Global Connections 21st Century
(ISBN 0-19-541341-5)
$ 100.55 Click here for Online Payment
    Pearson School Atlas
 (ISBN 0-13-122506-5)
$ 30.90  
Global Hisory 12 $171.70 Viewpoints
  (ISBN 013-036096-1)
$ 104.75 Click here for Online Payment
Physics 12 $182.40 Physics – McGraw-Hill Ryerson
 (ISBN 0-07-092280-2)
$ 170.60 Click here for Online Payment

Please note: Course fees cover the costs of course manual(s) and pay course markers, who will mark the work you are required to submit.