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Grade 10
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Course manuals are available as digital pdf files. When you pay for a course, you will receive an email with all the information required to start, including a link to the manual.
You can purchase textbooks through our office, but you are not required to do so. (The ISBN number is provided so that you can locate the correct edition if you purchase the texts elsewhere). Textbook prices include tax.
Course Name Course Cost Textbooks & Resources Textbook Costs Purchase
10 English (004084) $120.20 Your Voice and Mine (ISBN 0-03-921794-9) $35.05 (used)
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Poetry Alive: Transitions  (ISBN 0-7730-5026-4) $ 39.50
The Last Unicorn (ISBN 0451450523) $ 23.55
The Outsiders  (ISBN 0-14-038572-X) $ 8.80
Justice  (ISBN 0-07-551519-9)
No longer available
African America Literature 2nd Ed. Optional (ISBN 0844259241)
 No longer available, but can be found used

Voices of the First Nations – Optional (ISBN 007551690X)

No longer available, but can be found used.

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Mathematics (Academic) 10 (008017) $250.50 Mathematics 10 (Academic) is available online.Fee includes access to an online textbook.   Click here for Online Payment

Visual Arts 10 (001004)

$ 89.65 Arttalk (not available through correspondence study office - ** you must have book to complete course**)
(ISBN 0-02-662434-6)
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Please note: Course fees cover the costs of course manual(s) and pay course markers, who will mark the work you are required to submit.

Sample Lessons:

Art 10

English 10

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